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In 2016, Elias Puurunen, founder of Tractus Event Passport, was asked by an insurance company if he knew of an app that could track attendance at their yearly internal trade show. He built a system to do just that. It worked so well he was invited back to run their two-day continuing education event. Tractus was officially born.

Elias Puurunen, Founder of Tractus

As Elias and his assistants checked attendees in and out of their sessions, he noticed something peculiar. Throughout each session, attendees would constantly check their phones and tablets.

“What if we could engage them on their device too? Give them a way to interact with speakers and each other?” From there, Tractus has grown from a simple sign-in app to a complete event platform. It powers in-person, hybrid, and virtual events across Canada.

Elias has been part of events since 2002. He has been called upon to produce events for many industries, from finance to motivational speaking, from tens to thousands of attendees. 

When he isn’t producing events, he advises start-ups and the Government of Canada in various consulting roles. His work led to an agreement between the crown and industry, creating jobs and investment into green infrastructure. He is the author of Beyond Passwords, a cyber-security book for small businesses, and the author of Take Your Course Online, a step-by-step guide on how to create online courses.

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